Our mission

About us

Digital Care Lab is the business line of the Digital Care company.

An innovative laboratory where ideas and experiments are transformed into end products – for us, nothing is impossible. It is here that we combine the latest technologies with creative ideas to respond to the needs of today’s smartphone and mobile device users with dedicated products and services. Applications, scanning devices, modern AI-based algorithms – all of these things are created thanks to our team’s diverse skillsets.

Digital Care Lab is always a step ahead of the technology that’s available today, creating seemingly impossible solutions. That’s what we did with Scanbox. The same goes for the Mirrorcheck algorithm – an innovative app that can detect smartphone screen damage after taking a picture of it in the mirror.


Our values

Innovation which sells

We provide companies with innovative solutions and new technologies. Thanks to that, they not only talk about them but, above all, they profit from them.

Focused on revenue

We focus on what is most interesting for CEOs: we show how new technologies can be used to expand a customer base, increase revenue, or scale a business

First before competitors

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to instantly transition from proposal to action – our partners receive solutions that put them one step ahead of the competition

Products that are solutions

We listen first. That's why our partners receive products that solve their problems, not those that only sound good

Media about us

Infoshare 2018, Inga Zdzinska Head of Digital Care Lab about challenges for the digital services market. Interview during Infoshare 2018 conference.

Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa. Scanbox will allow protection of used devices.

Newseria. The sale of smartphones protection is growing by 10% annually. The value of the market to reach 27 billion dollars by 2020.