Diagnostic Application


The Diagnostic Application is a profiled addition to screen or phone insurance, as well as protection services offered by our partners. It lets users diagnose the condition of individual smartphone components, ranging from their processor to the accelerator, camera, microphone, speaker or proximity sensor. After a completed test, a user is presented with a full report on the condition of their smartphone.


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We use our smartphone every single day. It's with us at all times, and is therefore susceptible to many unforeseen circumstances: a splash of water, a drop, a child pressing the side key too hard, a maybe even a series of photos jamming the camera. In time, all smartphone users eventually ask themselves the same question: are all the functions and components of my phone working correctly? Is it time to get a new one? How do I prove that my phone is fully functioning should I want to re-sell it?


A diagnostic application with analytical functions that allows users to check the condition of a smartphones internal components. All they have to do is perform a short test in accordance with the app’s instructions and in a few minutes, they’ll be presented with a report on their phone’s performance.
Diagnostics available at any time.
The application lets users check the status of the screen, microphone, cameras, flash, speaker, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometers, proximity sensor, vibration, and other functions.
Once the test has been carried out, the user receives a detailed report on the efficiency of their phone.
Additionally, the tool provides a user with information on the phone’s current condition and its specifications.

How it works

The user is given a series of commands to be executed in order to check whether all relevant parts of their smartphone are functioning correctly. For example, to test the microphone, a user speaks into it and then listens to a recording to verify sound quality. To to check the flash, the application triggers this function and the user checks to confirm that it works. Similarly, a user goes through all the functions of their smartphone and checks their operation.

An exemplary case for Orange:

Główną działalnością Digital Care stało się projektowanie i wdrażanie innowacyjnych programów ubezpieczeniowych i usług dla urządzeń mobilnych, które oferowane były przez partnerów przy zakupie telefonu. Jeśli kupujesz produkt ochrony swojego telefonu u swojego operatora , najprawdopodobniej jest to jeden z produktów stworzonych we współpracy z Digital Care. Obejmowanie ochroną nowych telefonów, będących w momencie objęcia ochroną w nienagannym stanie, Digital Care bez problemu robi od ręki. Co jednak z telefonami, które klienci już używali i mają w kieszeni? W Polsce ok. 50% umów o usługi telekomunikacyjne podpisywane jest bez telefonu, w Rosji jest to X, a w Turcji nawet X. Oznaczało to, że do tej pory ogromna część klientów naszych partnerów nie mogła zakupić ochrony dla swoich używanych telefonów. Chcieliśmy odpowiedzieć na ich potrzeby i dać im komfort, że cokolwiek stanie się z urządzeniem, mogą je naprawić. Potencjał ten wykorzystaliśmy, projektując Scanbox.

User interfaces

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“The Diagnostic Application was created for users who don't just want to protect their smartphones’ external components, such as the screen. We all know that it's what's inside that matters: a functioning processor, camera or sensors. Thanks to this application, our partners can expand their portfolio of customer-facing benefits and help them comprehensively check the status of their smartphone components to protect what matters to them.”

Ksenia Harciuc

Junior Project Manager of DC Lab