Scanbox is an innovative device that uses advanced algorithms to scan smartphone screens and checks whether they’re damaged. After passing a screen test, a user can insure their phone that we design specifically for our partner. This solution was created for used phones, whose condition may have previously been difficult to diagnose.


Algorithm development
Device prototyping
Hardware design
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Most telecom operators have an extensive offer of insurance and protection products for people who decide to purchase a new phone bundled with telecommunications services. However, there is a lack of offers for used smartphone owners, including those who visit an operator's POS or shop with their own phone. In Poland, about 50% of telecommunications service agreements are signed without the purchase of a new phone. As a result, a large group of our partners' customers couldn't purchase protection for their used smartphones. The challenge was to check the condition of a used device prior to providing protection. We wanted to respond to this need and give customer’s the comfort and assurance that they can fix their device regardless of whatever may happen to it. We used this as a guideline in designing Scanbox.


Scanbox is a device that checks the condition of a smartphone’s screen and lets users purchase insurance or protection services for their phone in just a few simple steps.
The device is maintenance-free

Innovative scanning technology with a built-in camera catches out any screen microdamage that can’t see with the naked eye.

Scanbox solves the problem of insuring used phones – thanks to this modern scanning process, an insurer can make sure that the device they are covering isn’t damaged

Scanbox is designed in such a way so that it can be easily placed anywhere in a point of sale

Scanbox can be customized with branding and can be integrated with a dedicated interface (to include parent messages, logos, etc.)

Scanbox is available in 3 different sizes and types: from standing to suspended

How it works

The whole process only takes a few minutes. All a user needs to do is go to a Scanbox and follow the instructions that are displayed on its screen. Users need to wipe the phone screen, blank it, and then connect the phone to one of the several cables in a Scanbox. Then, they place their phone inside the device, wait a few seconds for the scan to finish, and can protect their deivce after receiving a positive test result!
A smartphone is scanned inside a Scanbox thanks to its advanced AI-based image analysis algorithms. A camera installed inside a Scanbox produces high-quality photos to make sure all scans are precise with an error margin that is minimized virtually to zero. Currently, screen damage detection fluctuates at around 98%. Therefore, smartphones scanned by a Scanbox can be covered insured with relative certainty.

Główną działalnością Digital Care stało się projektowanie i wdrażanie innowacyjnych programów ubezpieczeniowych i usług dla urządzeń mobilnych, które oferowane były przez partnerów przy zakupie telefonu. Jeśli kupujesz produkt ochrony swojego telefonu u swojego operatora , najprawdopodobniej jest to jeden z produktów stworzonych we współpracy z Digital Care. Obejmowanie ochroną nowych telefonów, będących w momencie objęcia ochroną w nienagannym stanie, Digital Care bez problemu robi od ręki. Co jednak z telefonami, które klienci już używali i mają w kieszeni? W Polsce ok. 50% umów o usługi telekomunikacyjne podpisywane jest bez telefonu, w Rosji jest to X, a w Turcji nawet X. Oznaczało to, że do tej pory ogromna część klientów naszych partnerów nie mogła zakupić ochrony dla swoich używanych telefonów. Chcieliśmy odpowiedzieć na ich potrzeby i dać im komfort, że cokolwiek stanie się z urządzeniem, mogą je naprawić. Potencjał ten wykorzystaliśmy, projektując Scanbox.

User interfaces

before after

“Scanbox was our first solution for used phones. Knowing the market, we knew how important it is for our clients to open up to this segment. That's how the idea for ‘a scanning box’ was born, and, within a few months, Scanbox came into existence. Today, it is a patented device whose advanced scanning algorithms have are unlike anything else on the market. It can be used to help our business partners increase sales in stores and attract new customers.”

Inga Zdzińska

Head of DC Lab